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Default Re: Halo 5 speculation (spoilers for Halo 4)

Originally Posted by Asteroid-Man View Post
Were it so easy.
Internet points to you, good Sir!

But yeah, I also want to see the Arbiter--correction; I want to see Thel 'Vadamee, "Arbiter" is a ceremonial rank/position.

I'm a long time Halo fan, have read all old novels and comics, but haven't really paid that close attention the last couple of years--so, was there any explanation why the Covenant are now our enemies? 'cause I didn't notice any.

I mean, no-one questioned it a bit. Shouldn't John and Cortana perhaps wonder a bit why the elites were suddenly their enemies? A simple comment from someone of the Infinity crew like "things have changed" or "a lot has happened while you were lost" would have sufficed.. I hope they're just remnants of the pre-schism Covenant though.

..And also lay a little easier on the "fantasy scifi". It got a little too far out there for my taste in Halo 4, digetalizing organic matter and what not.
Originally Posted by Oberon sexton View Post
God I hope not.

Also, fire whoever wrote the piece of dialogue where MC introduces himself as "This is Master Chief..". That's his rank. It's like if Shepard introduced him/herself with "This is Commander".

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