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Default Re: Actors from original trilogy on First Class sequel with Days of Future Past - Par

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
For starters Rogue got powers form MS marvel.An Avengers character which Fox doesn't have rights too.X-men was made for 75 Million and X2 for 110
Million.Rogue's MS marvel powers are too much.People tend to forget rogue's mutation Is absorbing engery from others.They were In no win situation with powers.Some complain for her not having MS Marvel's powers and others would complain If they Invented a different way to get some of those powers In there.

It's easy to complain In 2012/2013 about them not using all the powers but when X-Men was made In 1999/2000 It was an entirely different ballgame.

If you take Rogue In early 1980's when she first joined the X-men+The surban background and Close Relationship with Wolverine of Kitty+Wolverine finding her on his own of Jubilee=The film version of Rogue.
and i'm not talking just about powers... im talking about attitude and how the actor comes off... Rogue RARELY took advantage of her powers in the entire X-men trilogy... it would have been nice for her to stop being apprehensive and use them for battle. and for 3 movies we saw a scared little girl, not a kick-ass confident woman.. which SHE SHOULD HAVE learned to be (hell by the 2nd film even)

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