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Default Re: Abandonned. Legendary Movies that Never Made it to the Big Screen

Originally Posted by Venom75 View Post
I've always wished for a Blair Witch 3. I thought the original was the best horror film of the 90's and it was the only film to ever scare the hell out of me. Blair witch 2 was horrible,but only because the studio wanted to cash in and rushed it out only a year after the original. Original creators Dan Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez had nothing really to do with Book of Shadows,but they have expressed a desire to do a Blair witch 3 as a period piece,focusing on the witch herself. But they've said no one at the studio wants to do a period piece.

Also,I REALLY wanted a dark and disturbing Nightmare on Elm Street prequel with Robert Englund back as Freddy. But the Elm Street franchise seems dead in the water right now,thanks to Platinum Dunes and their horrible remake.
I totally agree. I even have the perfect title, Elm Street: The Nightmare Begins. And please don't start going on about "Robert Englund is too old to play Freddy anymore" (I'm referring to everyone else, Venom75, not you). First of all, Wes Craven's original concept of Freddy was of a creepy old man. In fact, Robert Englund almost didn't get the part back in 1983 because they thought he was too young. But he blew them away with his audition, so they made Freddy a burn victim in order to give him a "timeless look". Besides, he doesn't need to do any crazy stunts. Just run around and taunt little kids with his nightmare glove (the killings would be implied, not shown, as killing kids is a major Hollywood taboo few studios will touch). You can do that at almost any age. His portrayal of Freddy would be more like that of The Colonel in 2002 Maniacs. Then there would be his capture, trial, release, and the movie would end with his burning. It would be kinda like the premier episode to Freddy's Nightmares: A Nightmare On Elm Street The Series entitled No More Mr Nice Guy. Only it would stick closer to the story canon of the original movie (especially the deleted scene from when Nancy's mom is explaining who Freddy is). I'd maybe even explain how the nursery rhyme got out. In my version, Freddy used to torment his victims with it before he'd kill them. Then one child manages to escape, which is how he got caught. But he's so traumatized, all he can do is curl up, rocking back and forth saying "One, two, Freddy's coming for you . . ."

I'd love to attend a horror convention and pitch the idea to Robert Englund. I think he'd probably go for it.

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