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Default Re: 1938 Superman. The One To Adapt?

Originally Posted by Alex_Spider View Post
So, essentially Superman is the Super "Obeyer" Man, who doesn't care who person has a right, only what the law dictates. It's like saying if he was raised by the Taliban, he shouldn't break the laws they have come up with, because he simply doesn't break them. Meanwhile many women would get beaten the s** out of them. Um, that doesn't seem very logic to me. And don't tell me that Americas laws are another thing than the Taliban ones. In both worlds laws do not treat equal people. And that's a fact.
Superman has to obey the law because if he doesn't what is the point of the law? Say he breaks the law and blows up the LexCorp. building. He clears it of people but completely demolishes it. Then he does it to every other LexCorp. building in the world. All of this is done despite the fact that Superman can't prove Lex did anything wrong to prompt him into doing what he did. Congratulations, you do not have Superman anymore. You have Ultraman, the Earth Three version of Superman that just did whatever he wanted because nobody could stop him. There was no law other than his law. But, you would say, Ultraman was a criminal and Superman is a hero. Well, true, but does that mean that he should impose his own personal will upon people simply because he can? Is his invincibility reason enough to have his morality supersede everyone else's?

And where does it stop? Lex is a legit villain, but would Superman go after other corrupt companies? And what does it mean to be corrupt? Better hope your answer falls in line with Superman's. What does Superman do about other laws he might find unjust? What if he were anti abortion? Would he send all abortion doctors to the Phantom Zone? What about illegal immigration? I hope he is feeling kinder towards all those illegals. And if he is, he doesn't think about "dealing" with anyone who thinks contrary to him. Because he can get away with it. He's Superman. He's above the law. He's not Super "Obeyer" Man.

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