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Pretty much, yeah.

In regards to it being the engetsu, I personally don't think so. It looks nothing like it for one.

Pretty sure the sword is actually crafted out of Karins reiatsu. Remember early on in this arc she is at Urahara's shop talking about protecting Ichigo and whatnot. The plan seems as if it has acknowledgment from Soul Society as well seeing as Rukia has now been promoted to a seated lieutenant and is the one who has initiated Ichigo as a possible permanent Shinigami as well (conversation with Urahara and Kurosaki senior early in the arc making it seem they were going to take Ichigo's "human" life so they could restore his abilities in the spiritual realm).

I do agree with you about his new form being a mixture of Fullbringer/Shinigami and I personally think his hollow side is still very much alive. They might have been put to sleep during the battle with Aizen but those three "entities" are still very much part of Ichigo as long as his soul exist.

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