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Well technically we don't know what engetsu looks like at all. I'm a firm believer Isshin was completely in shikai throughout his confrontation with aizen otherwise we wouldn't have learnt the name of his zanpakto with hindsight, kubo would have given it to us then and there.

I'm not sure his hollow side is there as a separate entity, i think he will get a fused zangetsu back, but a separated out form would be a step backwards. Not that there's anything wrong with that, ichigo was vastly overpowered anywho and i'd find it nice to get back to a square one of sorts.

karin's been on the scene during the whole rieatsu sword thingie. She was at home and wasn't with her dad at all.

and then if that is the case, it means isshin allowed her to get bookmarked, which would demote him to worst father ever, even taking over from ryuuken's spot.

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