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Default Re: I'm tired of the Ultimate Spiderman show hate.

I would call the hate that Ultimate Spider-Man gets a "The Batman" effect. This is when a mediocre and more toyetic super hero cartoon replaces the superhero cartoon that was crafted by the gods themselves and therefore gets a lot of unjust hatred simply because it stands for the thing everyone hates... the replacement that killed a GREAT show. Now, the Batman did indeed get better later on, when people accepted it for what it was and the fact that it wasn't BTAS. However...this show is...preeetty bad, and because of the mindset behind it, I don't see it getting any better. It REALLY doesn't help that the shows creators tend to become condescending toward fans of the character when the show is critcized.

I personally don't watch it and really just catch an episode when the synopsis sounds like something I want to see play out. Some people just can't not watch it because it's Spider-Man...and like a drug they keep going back to it even though they dislike it. Some, have a hope that the show will get better sooner or later...But yeah, seeing how we've all accepted Spectacular is not coming back, I'd say the hate is real.

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