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Default Re: The Official PS4 Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by B View Post
The PS3's online service beats the current Live? If that's what you are saying then you are completely 100% wrong. The PSN at the moment is garbage in comparison to Live, I'm sure the PSN will be significantly improved for the PS4, however given it's current state it would be impossible for them to go anywhere other than up.
While it started off that way, I really think it's a stretch to call PSN garbage in comparison to Xbox Live at this stage. Asides from cross-game chat, what services does Live offer that PSN doesn't? And at least PSN offers free online gameplay, PlayStation Plus gives you free games galore, and you don't have to subscribe to PlayStation Plus in order to access the content.

It will be the same for Microsoft & Live though as well, come the time the 720 is released they'll have improved on their current service & it's features for their next console.
I dunno, I really don't see how either Sony or Microsoft can vastly expand their offerings asides from improved social functions that Sony announced with the PlayStation 4. I think that Xbox Live and PSN will pretty much be at parity with the next gen consoles.

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