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Default Re: The Official PS4 Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by B View Post
I don't use the cross chat features or have yet to use them on the 360, the reason the online seems like a better experience is that everything is a little more user friendly I feel. Access to everything is usually less than 4 button presses away.

The menu system on the 360 is just so much easier to navigate, not that the PS3's is difficult, however you do more scrolling on the PS3 from left to right, then top to bottom etc than you do on the 360.

By significantly the better console I'm talking about all round. Performance for example, I don't play Call of Duty on the PS3 or Xbox as I play all shooters on the PC, however I've seen comparison shots in terms of the graphical quality in regards to the latest Black Ops 2 & the difference is very noticable. Of course the PC demolishes both in terms of graphical capabilites, however the differnce between the PS3/360 looks alarmingly big. Not to mention the PS3 gets lower FPS (at least on CoD & FIFA) than the 360 & anyone that plays games online will tell you, having more FPS can be the difference between winning/losing or life/death in certain games online.

I've had both consoles & I've had the Playstation, Playstation 2 & Playstation 3, so it's not like I'm some Microsoft 'fan' or anything like that. But between the PS3 & the 360, the 360 is my gaming console & the PS3 is currently my Blu-Ray player.

Microsoft has exclusive things as well besides just games, they've some sort of exclusive deal with the UFC for PPV viewing through the 360, which I don't use as I get them all on ESPN as part of my Sky package, however if I didn't have that I would, also has the Sky Player which enables you to watch your sky channels through your Xbox without needing another Sky+ box & all it's cables wired into the room.

The PS3's online service beats the current Live? If that's what you are saying then you are completely 100% wrong. The PSN at the moment is garbage in comparison to Live, I'm sure the PSN will be significantly improved for the PS4, however given it's current state it would be impossible for them to go anywhere other than up.

It will be the same for Microsoft & Live though as well, come the time the 720 is released they'll have improved on their current service & it's features for their next console.
First the menu is changing for the PSN, and that is just the case. Additional the "performance" for the PS4 is different now, because the architectural structure is based off of PC no longer the Cell processor which is why there was such problems with transfer of third party games. So the PS4 and the XBOX 3 speak the same language. Second, from the source that has been right about everything so far, the PS4 also is faster, it runs at 1.84 terrabytes while the Xbox 3 only runs at 1.48. So now the graphical difference between them will be none at all, or the PS4 runs slightly faster.

In terms of those exclusives you are talking about have nothing to do with games, and if that is important fine, but I buy my console for GAMES, and Sony does much better with that.

The current PSN is not "quite" as good as Live, but close. However the new PSN shown with the PS4 is better then the current Live, so many more features, and the cloud technology of Gaiki is just stunning. That and I love I can turn off my console, leave turn it back on and it goes right to the game I was playing and right at the moment I left. With the new designed PSN and all those features, the XBOX Live really does not have much to brag about "right now". They very well may show many more features. PSN as Hippie said does a lot, PSPlus does even more with it just in terms of service. You can say you don't prefer the menu, but it clearly is changing with the PS4. However the PSN ha become much more user friendly over the years. It started out bad, but except for Cross Chat there is not much more that Live does above and beyond. But the New PSN really in terms of features blows it out of the water currently.

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