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Default Re: Avatar: The Legend Of Korra - Part 4

Originally Posted by Victarion View Post
I hesitate to label him as
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"Dark Avatar", since the spirits that Vaatu turned were acting on their impulses, rather than simply being outright evil. I do wonder where the twins fit into this scheme. What's interesting is that Korra's actions prior to this special mirrored those of the Vaatu-converted spirits.
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Whatever you want to call him, the point is that he'd become the physical incarnation of Vaatu as the Avatar is of Rava. Rather than having their eternal conflict limited to every 10,000 years in the Spirit World, it would be perpetually waged in the physical world as each would be reincarnated into a new vessel.

Originally Posted by Tanin View Post
Korra needs to find that air turtle and get him to touch all the acolytes.
Even if it's alive, the Lion Turtles said they would no longer grant humans the power of bending. I don't think they'd make an exception for Air Benders.

Originally Posted by Lord View Post
It's still shame that there's really no Dragon left, with air bisons being found again one would assume the same could happen with Dragons
Aang and Zuko likely kept the existence of the dragons a secret, I would assume they only told Iroh about their encounter with them. Maybe the comics touched on it.

With the Air Bisons, I wonder if she meant they were raising them since the start of the Hundred Year War or the end of it. I think the start would be more likely. Either some bisons escaped the genocide and ended up on the island where the Fire Sages were still loyal to the Avatar and raised them, the Fire Nation probably wouldn't think to look on some remote island of theirs. Or Fire Sages discovered a herd had migrated there from the genocide and started a temple there to protect them.

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