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Default Re: Avatar: The Legend Of Korra - Part 4

Originally Posted by mr. peasant View Post
Just watched the new episodes and I can't help but think that it would've been better and a smarter decision if the creators had made Vaatu defeat Raava in Wan's origin story. The reasons for it are as follows:

  1. It adds more nuance and depth to the Avatar . It would be kinda cool if the entire Avatar legacy essentially boils down to a young boy's sheer determination to uphold a promise he made ten thousand years ago. Instead, the show's current take has the Avatar embark on a new life's mission after defeating Vaatu, that we neither see nor have any attachment to.
  2. Raava's victory over Vaatu gives a rather pessimistic tinge to the Avatar world since in spite of light and good supposedly reigning supreme and the forces of darkness and chaos locked away, really bad things - like the 100 year war and genocide - still happen. Had it been the other way, it would have given the setting a more optimistic view with little rays of hope and the message that good things can still happen if we try hard enough.
  3. Raava's victory cheapens all the past victories we see on the show - both, Aang's and Korra's - by having it seem like foregone conclusions instead of destiny-defying moments in history.
  4. It would have raised one of the main themes of the original series; which is that it is okay to fail or make mistakes so long as we keep on trying. You can't hit that message any harder than having a guy who hasn't given up trying to undo a mistake from ten thousand years ago.
  5. It raises the stakes as defeating Vaatu now would change the course of destiny and bring about a new age. By having Vaatu already defeated the first time, the battle and its outcome would simply be something we and their world have already seen before, and is just to maintain the status quo. Moreover, as has been established, defeating Vaatu seems meaningless since chaos and evil still exists in the world and bad things happen.
  6. It opens up interesting story opportunities after Korra's inevitable defeat of Vaatu (you know that's going to happen) in the form of raising the question whether there's still a need for the Avatar in this new era of light and peace.
Wow. Long rant. Anyone else have any thoughts on the subject?

On a separate note:

What are people's thoughts on the show's retcon of how the different nations learned bending? Personally, I think it's fine as I always saw the explanations given in the original cartoon as folkloric origin stories. And much akin to our own cultures, they're pretty much romanticised stories to explain things that we've simply forgotten about from our histories that probably had much more mundane origins. For instance, the story of how Romulus and Remus founded Rome.
Agreed. I don't see it as a retcon much more as just a forgotten history with threads of overlapping. We have it in the real world just as much like the theory of the Greco-Hindu-Persian religion that apparently most religions sprang out from. Concepts like Jinn in Islam or the War in Heaven in Christianity predated their respective religions. There's lots of overlap between Buddhism and Hinduism...etc etc...I think what we know in the modern world is the equivalent of what the people in the Avatarverse know in theirs.

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