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Default Re: The Official Zack Snyder Directs Everything Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by roach View Post
How is it lazy? Mos leads into BvS and that leads into JL. By keeping the same director they are maintaining the same look throughout out the series. I am sure that whatever WB's plans are post JL...Snyder isn't directing them all.
by that logic he should direct all of them because they'll all be tied together with the "same look throught out the series". It's lazy for that very reason, and I'd bet had it not been for ben bringing in terrio, goyer would be writing most of them too. Because that's all they know. they're not interested in bringing in unproven talent, i.e. talent that hasn't been apart of raking in the big bucks like goyer who still has the nolan bats cache to his name.

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