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Default Re: The Official Zack Snyder Directs Everything Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by roach View Post
That's not lazy. Snyder gave them a hit...they are going to continue working with him. Is it lazy that Whedon is directing 2 Avengers it lazy they got Gunn for another GOTG?
We don't know who brought in may have been Ben or it may have been WB since he has a deal with them.
These films are way too important to WB to bring in unproven talent...but then again no other studio has used unproven talent on it's big tentpole franchises.
of all the comparisons you're going to pick you choose whedon? really? i must have missed whedon's captain america 1 and 2, whedon's thor 1 and 2, whedon's iron man trilogy.

unproven talent was a poor choice of words by me. I'd already named directors they could have had attracted. filmmakers they've worked with in the past they have brought them success like the wachowski's, jackson, del toro and the cuaron.

and regarding terrio, you're smarter than that. do you really need someone to spell it out for you? you can't put two and two together? goyer was writing it before ben got cast. ben comes along and all of a sudden terrio gets picked up. gee, i wonder why? it was probably because it wasn't up to oscar winning ben's standards.

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