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Default Re: Aronofsky to take on the biblical character Noah?

Originally Posted by Spider-Who? View Post
Okay, I loled hard on your second paragraph. Speaking on your first paragraph, read my post again. Scientists speculate that if the story were true, there would be around 50,000 animals on board, even less depending on how generous you are in estimating the amount of species on earth. 50,000 is a hell of a lot less than 300,000. Secondly, the point of my post was addressing the mere mathematical component, the ability to fit animals on a boat. Dealing with the "deposits" of so many animals is something different, but with even 3/4 of the ship full (the math suggests the animals would take up less) that leaves room for some type of food supply and waste management (and for the sake of arguement, the floors could have been perforated, with chutes leading out to portholes, so the waste falls through and out the ship...I dunno, just tossing an idea out there). Point is, it's not an impossible feat. Hard, grueling, disgusting, sure, but not impossible. Fitting animals on the ark is the least improbable aspect of the story.
But if you only have 50,000 animals to repopulate the earth in the Biblical timeframe, you need to depend on evolution to work at ludicrous speed.
Originally Posted by Paroxysm View Post
This sounds like an awesome idea. I personally don't believe in god but I've always loved the stories in the Bible. Noah's Ark and Samson were my favorites.

I can't wait to see who they cast as Noah, what the Ark will look like and how they're going to tell this story because I always thought it was pretty epic.
I hope we see a Tobit movie after this. Modern cinema is lacking in protagonists who get bird**** in their eyes.

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