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Default Re: Aronofsky to take on the biblical character Noah?

Originally Posted by 8wid View Post
"The earth" simply can refer to the land, the ground, the yard etc. The heavens" refers to the sky or all that can be seen above. There is not enough to point out it is specifically talking about the entire planet. I move all of the plants of the earth too when I pull weeds in my front yard, but I don't kill every plant on the planet when that happens. It's simply referring to farm animals and enough of them for him to restart his trade in order to survive after and during the flood.

Also taking every kind of food that is to be eaten would mean every thing that a human could eat possible on the planet and that for all the animals on the planet to eat stored on the boat with them. If there already millions of animals aboard, imagine all of that different food too. Nothing could fit. That's what happens when it is taken in that context of a global wide flood. It would already be hard enough for only about eight people to take care of that load already, especially during the Bronze Age.

It's really saying that Noah should bring enough animals to survive on the land with after the flood and enough food for his family, himself and the animals as the event came.
First off, there weren't "million of animals" on the boat. Read my post on the previous page. The number, as determined by scientists, based on biologists' estimation of species, is less than 50,000. Sure, that's a lot of animals, but no where near the sensationalized numbers youre stating. And if the animals are young, less food is needed, and there are plenty of animals that eat infrequently, often just a few times a couple weeks. There's also the theory that the flood happened during many animals hibernation cycle, though there is no evidence to suggest this one way or another. As for as your submission of vagueness, that's your refusal to see it for what it is. Regardless of ones belief in the topic, The bible is exponentially more clear on this topic then you will ever admit to.

Originally Posted by That person View Post
But if you only have 50,000 animals to repopulate the earth in the Biblical timeframe, you need to depend on evolution to work at ludicrous speeds.
Whose saying anything about evolution here? The numbers I mentioned are based on scientific estimates of all organisms (with the assumption that the bible refers to classification similar to genus when it says "kinds") on the planet. Much of the species that we know of today come from organisms of the same family or genus mating with each other, than those offspring mating, etc (look at all the dog breeds for what I mean). The creation of new species based on inter-genus breeding is not the same thing as evolution.

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