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Default Re: Aronofsky to take on the biblical character Noah?

Originally Posted by Spider-Who? View Post
What? Science, or atheist leaning people, try to use science to disprove religion all the time.

People use science to try and disprove religion all the time, then turn around and say that religion can't use science to give validity to it's stories. It is ludicrous. Theres absolutely no logic to that mentality (if you discount the idea that those who say this do so out of fear that truth might be found it all those goofy fairy tales). It's people that don't understand one or the other (often times both) who claim both can't coexist or even supplement one another at times. Yes, religion is a matter of faith, but for any logic minded person, that faith must be borne from something concrete and it is human nature to ponder things we don't understand, and to discover answers and truth. Just because religion has a faith based structure does not negate a persons desire to use science to further understand it.
No faith does not come from something concrete, it is innate and hereditary like all other human motives and emotions. And theists may not negate a desire to use science, but it does leave many people to denying much of science. After all a church or temple can have computers and electric lights, but not believe in evolution or the Big Bang.

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