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Default Re: X-Men 3...seriously fans/people--WHY all the hate?

I just remember I liked X-Men 3 back in 2006.

But then I saw it again a few days ago. And I loved it. The very premise of this one is more interesting than anything in X2.

Everything here points to more interesting questions about what being a mutant is like. In X2 you had Wolverine looking for his origin for two hours... and he gets absolutely nothing. Xavier is under hypnosis for half of the movie. We get another unnecessary explanation of what Cerebro is, which we all knew from the first one. We get Jeran Gray is having problems, but absolutely nothing else happens to her regarding this. Yes, she dies in the last minute for different reasons altogether. The only other thing is that we get yet another pointless unfinished dialogue between her and Wolverine (she loves me, she loves me not) that makes zero progress from where we left them in X1. Oh and that damn dam that takes forever to collapse; what's the point in showing something about to collapse when it's painfully obvious it will resist untill everyone is safe?

All in X2 is about them having a particular problem with a bad guy; in X3 all is about humans trying to re-define mutations as a desease while they have to decide whether they're sick people to be cured or proud of what they are. And they make their choices. I was so happy with Rogue deciding to have a normal life, I was so sure they were going to deceive me into believeing that she was, and then at the last minute she had decided otherwise.

I cannot think of one single aspect in which X2 can surpass X3. Even Storm had something to do here. All X2 had to offer was the initial sequence with Nightcrawler. And it's not like Nightcrawler had anything else to offer to the story after that initial scene. But fights like Wolverine and that girl was boring. Most of X2 is boring. Even the action.

While X2 is happy with not developing its characters (except killing Jean Gray at the end only to show us she didn't actually died 5 minutes later), X3 dares to tell a story where nobody ends being the same.

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