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Default Re: X-Men 3...seriously fans/people--WHY all the hate?

If there's one thing I could take out of X2, it would be its villain and his nonsensible plan. Stryker is another government agent with a vendetta and that's all there is to him. it is kinda humorous that this man would even present a threat to the X-men. I mean what would happen if other X-men were present at the mansion attack except Wolverine?

And the worst part about him is actually his son. He's supposed to be an illusionist, but he actually controls people's minds? Even someone as powerful as Xavier? Whatever he does to Xavier does kind of start out as an illusion, although I don't see why Xavier would think he's back at the mansion when he knows perfectly well where he is. But then the "little girl" tells him to kill all mutants without providing any reason to do so and he just goes with it? That's not even remotely an illusion, it's pure mind-control. And I have no idea what it would take to mind-control Xavier.

So yeah, the whole film kinda collapses near the end because of this simplistic villain that's somehow aiming way higher than he's believably capable of.

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