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Default Re: First Class ACTORS Thread [new proyects, interviews, quotes...]

Flifth looks interesting, I haven't read the book it's based on but from what I gathered James' character in it is an, er, absolutely filthy S.O.B. Looks like a gutsy choice of role.

I also loooove Jessica Chastain, so a double film with her and James sounds good

I know nothing about Assassin's Creed apart from the fact that my brother was quite obsessed with playing it for a time, but I'm a sucker for medieval stuff so hopefully it turns out to be decent. There really hasn't been many decent historical (or quasi-historical) films lately.

I really look forward to the FC sequel, but I honestly hope that Fassbender and McAvoy do a film together outside of X-Men, their chemistry is just too good not to use over and over again.

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