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Default Re: 5 things you want to see

1. The team interacting in downtime. Eating together (again) or some of them doing normal stuff like going to a bar or shopping. Character stuff that does not rely on action or plot stuff.

2. It's popular, and I totally agree: "Ultron... We would have words with thee." I just have a feeling that Hemmsworth can sell the hell out of that.

3. The team should be it's own thing. It should not be in any way under the thumb of any government agency. They consult, or are called in. They may have some form of multi-agency clearance, but they do not answer to anyone in a chain of command way.

4. I don't want it to be at the level of the first film, but there should be a little bickering and back and for between the characters. I mean... This IS MARVEL for Zod's sake.

5. Someone from the team has to say "Avengers, Assemble" at some point. Don't shy away from it Joss!!

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