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Default Re: 5 things you want to see

1. I want Ultron to defeat the Avengers and take four of them prisoner. Cap and Hawkeye are the only ones free. They succeed in recruiting Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Someone calls them the Kooky Quartet. They come to the rescue of the other Avengers and defeat Ultron.
2. I want Elizabeth Olsen to nail her part. I want her Scarlet Witch to be a good guy and not demonized.
3. I want someone to say "Avengers Assemble"
4. I want James Spader to be the face of Ultron. Spader should appear on a computer screen to taunt the good guys. The Ultron robots should be able to project a holographic image of Spader over themselves so they walk around incognito.
5. I want the Stark Tower renamed the Avengers Tower.

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