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Default Re: Who do you think will write MOS?

Originally Posted by Christmas View Post
Christopher McQuarrie, has a close rapport with Singer and could pick up where the story left off.
I would love to have McQuarrie do it. I think he is a better story teller than Harris & Dougherty.

Originally Posted by venom420 View Post
Yeah, I mean those wack pack of fools who wrote perhaps one of the most overrated movies of all time in X2. The first X-Men film was SO much better. Yup, Doughtery and Harris, those are the two wack pack of fools!
Overrated? Nah. It one of the top 10 best comic book film up with Superman 1, Spider-Man 2, & Batman Begins. Even many hardcore fans (including myself) love it, so it not overrated. Well, to me.

~AP's a pedophilia who love posting pics of little boys in Superman costumes O_o
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