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Default Re: Your Ideal Cast for a Superman Reboot, if Ever There is One

The Superman board seems to have come to pretty much of a standstill tonight. I've been hitting the refresh button on and off for about an hour and ... not much activity. Oh well, guess everyone's gone off to bed. I may as well too, just gone 5 in the morning where I am and the sun's coming up. Maybe when I check back in the morning some more people will have some more good things to say about my cast. And if not, maybe they'll phrase their criticism more constructively than

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Hell. No. To. All. Of. Them.
I mean, I know I can be harsh, and yeah I guess rude if ya wanna call me that. But at least I give reasons when I disagree with something. Anyway, I've had my little mini-rant. Nite nite everyone.