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Default Re: Your Ideal Cast for a Superman Reboot, if Ever There is One

Originally Posted by BruceBanner View Post
I'll start off with mine naturally:-

Clark Kent/Superman - Henry Cavill (he's 6'1, 24, he's got black hair, blue eyes, film experience, he'd make a much better Superman than Batman)

Jor-El - Gabriel Byrne (I was gonna say Anthony Hopkins, but I've found out he's gonna be 70 on New Year's Eve, and I don't think they should go with someone that old, digital effects or no digital effects. I personally think Ian McKellen looked like a waxwork in the opening scene of X-Men 3)

Lara - Catherine Zeta Jones

Lex Luthor - Ed Harris/Daniel Day-Lewis/Viggo Mortensen/Jason Isaacs (yeah, I know, I can't make my mind up, oh well, best to keep your options open)

Perry White - R. Lee Ermey/Brian Dennehy/Kurtwood Smith (he's funny)/John Mahoney (he's funny too, just watch Frasier)

Jonathan Kent - Jeff Bridges (yes, I know, Iron Man, but, come on, JEFF BRIDGES)/Michael Douglas (possibly? yes? no? maybe? no? ok then)/Martin Sheen (now isn't he rather an obvious choice? he has that Glenn Ford charm and humour)

Martha Kent - Frances McDormand/Meryl Streep (why not?)/Glenn Close (am I the only one who used to confuse Meryl Streep with Glenn Close when I was a kid?)Frances Conroy (reminds me of Phyllis Thaxter)/Julie Christie

Lois Lane - Scarlett Johansson (the only one I can really see in the role, myself, sorry)

Jimmy Olsen - Emile Hirsch (I think he'd be perfect, but he's not quite 2 years younger than Henry Cavill, I think there should be more of an age gap between Jimmy and CK, but then again, Brandon Routh is only a coupla years older than Sam Huntington)

Edit: Damn, I forgot:-

Director - Peter Jackson/Christopher Nolan/Martin Campbell (he's brought Bond back to life, TWICE, maybe he should be given a shot at Superman)/Marc Forster (he's doing the next Bond as well as having done Monster's Ball, Finding Neverland and Stranger Than Fiction)/Paul Haggis (he wrote the best Bond yet, IMO, maybe he could helm Superman's rebirth)/Steven Spielberg (yes I know, El Payaso, but I think it'd be really good, the guy has made some ****ing masterpieces)/Alfonso CuarĂ³n/Mike Newell (anyone?)/Gore Verbinski/**** off Ang Lee, if it were up to you we'd see Superman wetting his red trunks/back slowly out of the room Singer, you don't even get a look in

Writer(s) - Peter Jackson, Philippa Boyens & Fran Walsh/Christopher & Jonathan Nolan, David Goyer/Paul Haggis (see above)/the guys who wrote the first Pirates, too many to mention

Composer - John Williams

That sucks.

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