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Default Re: Batman should die in the next film!

I'm all for the dark batman movies, but I really dont think that they should kill off Bruce/batman in the third flick. he suffered a lot of pain in TDK (and will most likely suffer even more in the concluding chapter)... I think the third movie should end with Batman alive and kicking, and a Gotham that finaly sees, at least some light. Not that i dont see something clever in the idea of batman dying in the third, I just think it's a bit TOO SAD'

TDK is one of the top 3 best movies I've ever seen! Nothing can compare in its grand way of telling the story (NO, I dont even think Lord of the rings can match it!). It was so intense, so compelling, so fantasticly directed! The cast was way above great, the story was so unbelievably badass and flawless; I can't ****ing believe the movie wasn't nominated for best picture, when a flick like Return of the King was, and more than that even won it!...

I can't wait for the third batman picture! but if the entire cast of Begins and Knight isn't back, than leave it be! TDK didn't end with a cliff-hanger. It ended openly, and doesn't really need a sequel (but my God, I'd kill for one!). The ending was as majestic, powerful and tear dropping as can be!

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