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Default Re: SPOILER ALERT: Anyone bothered by....

Originally Posted by Arawn Fenn View Post
The bulk of Origins most likely takes place after 1973, so he would not yet have the adamantium.
Now I'm all confused...

It was March of 1979 when 3 mile island happened. Assuming that this is a cover-up for the incident that involved Wolverine, then he had his adamantium in 1979.

Now, best case scenerio, as far as the storyline, if it was in year 1 that Logan and Viktor were "assassinated" in Vietnam, then that would be 1964 or 1965.

Don't remember if they ever said how long he had been out and working for Striker. If not it could have been as soon as 1 year later when he quit. So let's say 1965 or 1966.

Next he is living with Silverfox and is working as a logger. Does it ever say how long he was with her? If not then this timeline could work. Maybe he was with her a coupld of years, she is killed in 1979, which leads to the adamantium and 3 mile island. So this way he might already have his adamantium in 1973!!!

No wait a sec. I'm off. If 3 mile island is a cover up for Wolvie's fight then he got his adamantium in 1979 and wouldn't have it in 1973. So they're only shot to have this timeline correct is say that 3 mile island wasn't due to Wolvie's fight, but something that happened years later...

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