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Default Re: SPOILER ALERT: Anyone bothered by....

^ I've explained this before, but here goes again. Sure seems that the majority of this movie will be in 1973, right?

The present Wolverine's mind is going to be sent back in time into the body of his 1973 self. Depending on how they play with the timeline (or just ignore some of the stupide stuff from Origins) the 1973 Wolverine will already have the adamantium. Some can try to argue this timing with the events of Origins, but I've previously explained that there is only one plot device in Origins that makes us think he got his adamantium in 1979, and that is the 3 mile incident. If they instead say (or just not say) that the 3 mile incident was not a cover up of what happened there with Wolverine then they could try to say that that incident was actually many years earlier. This way it could have been 1970, 1971 or 1972 that Logan got his adamantium.

The whole point is so the 1973 Wolverine will have his adamantium. So you'll have present Wolverine with bone, but this won't matter since most of the movie will be back in 1973, and that Wolverine will (or could) have the adamantium.

The real question is how much will be changed in the new future? Will Wolverine wake up in the Age of Apocalypse, will he wake up with everything seemingly the same, but then Jean will walk around the corner, will Cyclops be back, or will everything just be the same as it was before?

Another question is whether there will be an future scenes with Wolverine? You know, one where he is out in the street and a Sentinal attacks and he takes it down. If so I think it would be really cool to have him pop adamantium claws instead of bone, leading to the obvious question for the GA of "wait, I thought he had bone claws. How'd he get them back?" And then that question could be explored in the next movie.

To me they have two ways to go after this one. Either end this one with the Age of Apocalypse to set up the next movie, or the next movie should be a relaunch that goes more with the comic. You know, one where the first class is Cyclops, Jean Gray, Iceman, Angel and Beast. Of course this would not have Wolverine, and he's where the money is, right?

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