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Default Re: Team Sif/Team Foster?

Originally Posted by Aeltri View Post
I am familiar with the source material Corpulent and the Thor-Jane-Sif <3 triangle was in there . Things are a bit different when there is no mention of romance in the first place, it's turned up to '11' and/or the script is not based on a pre-existing comic book or novel. What some people fail to realize is that nonsensical additions like that have the potential to completely derail the main narrative. At best, they still seem contrived...
I guess we'll have to agree to disagree, then. I may not like that Thor will inevitably choose Jane over Sif for the film, but I can see how it enriches the narrative. Branagh mentioned time and again how Thor is basically a Shakespearean melodrama, and love is an important part of a lot of Shakespeare's plays. It's one of the big, fundamental themes of drama. I don't think it necessarily has a place in every narrative, but I can certainly see a place for it in this one.

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