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Default Re: Let The Claws Do The Talking - Rate & Review "The Wolverine"

Originally Posted by J_Howlett View Post
Quick thoughts, no spoilers..

From the beginning of the movie until the end of the bullet train sequence (maybe 35min in total) I was at the edge of my seat with my jaw on the floor. The way Mangold directed this movie was very, very impressive. The story, in my opinion was almost a carbon copy of The Last Samurai (which I was hoping for). A couple of scenes brought me back to the beautiful chemistry Algren and Tako had in that film and Logan and Tao shared that exact same chemistry. This isn't a superhero film by any means, it's a story about a man trying to find peace within himself all while being haunted by his past decisions. This film had heart, humor, tension and most of all beserker rage. Wolverine is absolutely ****ing insane in this movie, that's all I'm gona say. You have to see it to see the **** he does to these people, and there's BLOOD! Great acting all around, Rila Fukishima and Tao Okamoto were impressive as hell. and the rest of the cast goes without saying. This IS the definitive Wolverine film and it being set in Japan really made it unique.

One thing in this movie that I loved is that whenever Wolverine felt weak, the audience (at least I did) felt what Wolverine was going through. The way Mangold shot those scenes was very clever and when you see it you'll know what I mean, mainly the funeral scene. There is a lot I'm missing so I'm welcome to discussion, but not before I tread the waters of the films flaws..

So yeah, part of the third act was kind of like "Hey, in case you forgot this was a comic book film, here's your reminder!" but I thought they handled it well. It's really only like 5-10min where you're just like ... huh wtf where did this **** come from, but still, seeing Wolverine in action and in full blown berserker mode was intense as ****. Viper, oh Viper lol. She was truly beautiful but her voice was more ADR'd than Bane's during the plane heist lol. Not all the time though, only a few times in the movie I was kind of like.. why does she sound so American? Do I think this was the best superhero film of the summer? Yes, because by definition it is a superhero film.. Do I think this was one of the best movie's I've seen this summer season? Absolutely. It had all the characteristics of a great film and despite the shaky third act, it delivers on all ends.
Haha, yeah, Viper was total ADR. I just said that in my post too. I kind of enjoy the whack at the end. I'd considered that twist as a possibility especially the past couple of months.

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