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Default Re: Which route should they go with Quicksilver's costume?

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
I'm not gay, but I have to question a person's taste who thinks this

looks better than this

And that's hardly even his best picture. He looks even more swag with facial hair...which it seems like Peters can't even grow.

He looks perfect for Quicksilver. If they just have him look like that with platinum blond hair then he looks like the perfect young Quicksilver.
LOL I was being facetious mostly. But he does have more "swag" than Johnson IMO see American Horror Story the first season and maybe that's why I think he may look better. Arron I see as his Kick-Ass squeaky voiced character so I'm a bit jaded by their characters pre conceived notions also. Off camera yeah I agree on camera one is more charming than the other.

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