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Default Re: Which route should they go with Quicksilver's costume?

Originally Posted by Wine-N-Cheese View Post
I didn't say the article was complete BS, but I'm not going to trust it. Though I'll admit that I may have misread "Except something to note is that they're going "British" for the role rather than trying to have actors playing Eastern Europeans" as an assumption.

Either way, I think you need to get over the idea having Ronan as Scarlet Witch already. SHH "heard word that" Ronan was a "prototype" (which is still a bit wtf??? to me), nothing about casting. Plus, don't you think Ronan's agent would have inquired about the role when the rumor came about, and that's why she shut it down? And why would Whedon be meeting with actresses, rather than just contacting Ronan directly, like they did Johnson?
I'm not stuck on her being Wanda, you're the one who said it's already been confirmed she's not in the running...which isn't true and that's what I was responding to. She wasn't in talks at the time...because no one was. If her agent contacted Marvel about it, again, it would have been before they started looking at people because Joss wouldn't have been finished with the script. There has been no further follow up with Ronan on the state of things since then, since Joss has completed the script, and there has been no further word on other actresses being in the running for Wanda, which is why I brought up Saoirse, because she's the only actress that has been linked to Wanda by a credible source. So yeah, this is a non-thing.

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