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Default Re: ABC's Once Upon a Time - Part 4

Originally Posted by KRYPTON INC. View Post
Dude... Search your feelings. You KNOW it to be true.

This is coming from someone who, when Graham got his heart ripped out and turned into Regina's sex slave was all, "I'm not seeing a downside for this guy."

Regina's pain, or suffering, or whatever is no excuse for the pain and suffering she has inflicted on others, the vast majority (cuz it was not just The Charmings that whom she messed with in enacting the Curse) of which had NOTHING to do with her. Just saying. She's crazy sexy. BUT SHE IS CRAZY.
Regina can be crazy as hell, still doesn't change the fact that lots of those people she cursed deserved what they got! We still didn't see Regina's full backstory, but in what we've seen so far every single person she came in contact to when she was young messed her over. Jefferson, Whale, Rumpelstiltskin, Blue fairy and the list probably goes on and on.... New episodes new seasons will reveal more stories!

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