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Default Re: ABC's Once Upon a Time - Part 4

Originally Posted by SuperT View Post
Why would Neal trust Rumple? Especially when Pan told him about the prophecy?

Rump has screwed him over too many times that it would be impossible for Neal to place any additional trust in him, even in this kind of situation.
Originally Posted by Sawyer View Post
Yeah, oh that idiot Neal, not trusting the guy who has always chosen power over anything else and came very close to murdering his grandson last year when he became a threat to that.
I agree he shouldn't trust him but use him at least he is the second most powerful being in Neverland right now and he had very little protection to speak of as he walked into the forest that is filled with Peter Pans Lost Boys. Wasn't a lot of logic in the move for me.

Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
I like love stories. Preferably the love stories that involve a woman without enough money to pay the pizza man, so she has to pay for it....with her vagina.
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