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Default Re: Unintentionally Funny Moments in The Dark Knight Rises

Originally Posted by JaD View Post
I always thought it was awkward that Gordon knew exactly where to throw the flare anyways. I couldn't see any notes left on the ground from Batman saying "Drop flare here for awesome signal I had time to make during city's occupation".
I assume he noticed that an area of the ground was really soaked in gasoline(and could smell it).

While Gordon falling out of the truck was meant to be funny. I found it more funny because it goes back to the first movie when he was in the tumbler(RIP). Also I just found it hilarious that everyone else is getting killed and shot up and fine and at the party. I kinda wonder if he asked wtf happened with Miranda.

Banes "I am the league of shadows" line is just so funny because of the way he delivers. I think Hardy was just fooling around because it was so different from everything else.


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