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Default Re: Re-cast Hal Jordan for JL movie? Yay or Nay?

I keep going back and forth on this topic. I just re-watched Green Lantern again last night with the wife. The reason that I had wanted to see GL rebooted was because of the inconsistencies that it would have had within the MoS universe. They reference a Superman birthday party, but later on Amanda Waller mentions that Abin Sur is the first alien lifeform that humanity has been in contact with. Can we simply interpret that as the first alien lifeform that they're able to experiment on/dissect? This is assuming that MoS has already happened. That's the big question to me as to whether it "fits" or not.

Personally, I'm leaning towards including it with the new DCU. I found it more entertaining than The Incredible Hulk or Iron Man 2 & 3, so it certainly hasn't hit the floor. If Reynolds doesn't want to continue playing the character, then I'd want them to recast a new Hal for a Justice League movie but maintain the same continuity. We have an origin, we have an awesome build-up to a Sinestro showdown and it allows the Justice League story to focus more on the new characters. Whudduya think?

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