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Originally Posted by fake View Post
Anyone know how the Walmart screening gross will be calculated? This doesn't seem to be tied to Rentrak, maybe WB will report it separately.

Quick back of envelope calculations, taking 8$-9$ for non-3D and 11$-12$ for 3D means a potential 10 million gross just from the 7pm show. Even if only 50-75% of tickets are sold for the 7pm show through Walmart, that means a 5 million to 7.5 million gross from just the Walmart special shows. Of course, the extra merchandise sold will benefit Walmart and the MoS merchandise partners.

If the sales are good (like i said, 50-75% tickets sold of all available tickets), this may turn out to be a really successful promotion.
When I went to purchase my ticket this morning a friend, who is a regional manager at walmart, happened to be there..she is a superman fan also and said to me that several meetings had taken place with all the different stores selling the tickets, and according to her, the goal/hope was for wal-mart to sell a million MoS tickets.

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