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Originally Posted by ConnorKon-El View Post
Bale overdid his Batman voice yes. But it didn't take me out of the film. And i agree, TDK (trilogy) really did lack impressive action sequences. Though Bane vs Batman in the sewers is just a fantastic fight scene.
Avengers...I really liked the film. It was very enjoyable but it's not the best cbm for me.
SM2 was and is such a great film. Dr Octopus

Bane vs Batman in the sewers was fantastic. One of the best cbm fight scenes ever. And I hope Zod is as great or greater than Doc Ock when it comes to villainy. They got us to care about Ock, but they also made him to some downright villainous stuff, while also giving him amazing action sequences. Even out of action, just watching him talk and work with his arms was great to watch.

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