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Default Re: first look at iron man movie on nick

Originally Posted by ironwez20 View Post
what do you mean no evidence just watch nickelodeon and see,and fine i wont use internet speak on the actual internet anymore jeez
Just stop getting so snippy. Not all of us are young enough to understand Internet Speak you know. Me, I'm 35 and remember when computer technology was in its infancy. We never had internet speak. They were just computers not a lifestyle. Just take a chill pill and remember to use proper English on message boards like this that have Old Timers in it.

Anyways, I just love how Tony asks the one robot not to douse him when he's not on fire. That might not be the emo, post Demon In A Bottle Tony Stark, but it's the authentic reaction you'd get from a real person in the same situation.

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