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Default Re: first look at iron man movie on nick

Originally Posted by ultimatefan View Post
I like the clumsy experimentation on flying, RDJ really conveys how scared and awkward you´d really feel doing a test like this, my only problem is now I´m REALLY beginning to get the "too many jokes" feel out of this movie... Don´t get me wrong, I´m NOT saying this should be dark or something, but it´s all a balancing act, when you push too hard for laughs, you´re not believing the story and the characters, and not having faith in the audience. Ideally, it´s like a movie like the first two Spider-Man or the first two Superman, where you have a mix of everything: drama, action, comedy, romance, suspense...
I'm adopting a wait and see attitude about this. Maybe they're just showing us the lighthearted moments first so as not to scare potential uninitiated moviegoers away with too much darkness. Plus they might be doing this to show Joe Public Robert Downey Jr.'s lighthearted side to deflect their thoughts of his past legal difficulties.

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