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Default Re: first look at iron man movie on nick

Originally Posted by ultimatefan View Post
I like the clumsy experimentation on flying, RDJ really conveys how scared and awkward you´d really feel doing a test like this, my only problem is now I´m REALLY beginning to get the "too many jokes" feel out of this movie... Don´t get me wrong, I´m NOT saying this should be dark or something, but it´s all a balancing act, when you push too hard for laughs, you´re not believing the story and the characters, and not having faith in the audience. Ideally, it´s like a movie like the first two Spider-Man or the first two Superman, where you have a mix of everything: drama, action, comedy, romance, suspense...
Well look where they put the clip, on Nickelodeon(sp) in front of Spongebob or whatever, I really doubt they'd put a dark scene where he's being held captive by the terrorists with blood seeping out of his bandages or a scene where he's he's boozing it up with hot models or a another adult themed scene.

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