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Default Re: 2-minute Iron Man clip from Nick at Nite

Um, the music was better in this one, I must say. I actually liked certain cues and phrases.

And overall, the humor didn't necessarily bother me until the "second" joke -- beat a dead horse -- about the extinguishers, and at the end when it's about to douse him and like a pet he goes, "Na-ah-ah-ah-ah." It's just so...I don't know: juvenile. I also hated the "YIKES!" -- what is he? Seven years-old?

Taken as a total, I haven't seen one clip -- ONE CLIP -- that doesn't have Stark jesting or being a jokester. He. Is. Not. Spider-Man.

This is really only confirming my initial belief that Stark is going to be some happy-go-lucky wise-ass joke-cracking fool for most of the film, both in and out of the suit.

I mean, some of the humor's justified, some of it's not.

I'm going to dive back into my Iron Man comic books and get a feel for this because the one line about donating you to a college actually reminds me a bit of Ultimate Iron Man.

We'll see...maybe this is a promotional thing, or maybe we're witnessing the single greatest flaw of this movie.

EIther way, at least the music sounded good.

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