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Default Re: Andrew Garfield wants Spider-Man to be Gay?

Originally Posted by Ultimatehero View Post
Huh. Just looked that up. But still unsure. Because relationship-wise there really isn't anything different other than the fear. And I've seen gay guys who were more guy's guys than some of the straight guys I know, and some straight guys who were more flamboyant than gay guys.
That may be true for you, but you're not gay. See what I did there?

My point though is simply that sexuality, as well as sex goes a long way in defining a person. True, a lot of that is the result of society, but some of it is dictated purely by brain chemistry.

I suppose there are some gray areas, but overall, it's a big deal.

Obviously gay men simply having brains similar to women doesn't mean they'll all be foppish, since hardly all women qualify as that. Or vice versa.

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