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Default Re: Andrew Garfield wants Spider-Man to be Gay?

Originally Posted by Thundercrack85 View Post
That may be true for you, but you're not gay. See what I did there?

My point though is simply that sexuality, as well as sex goes a long way in defining a person. True, a lot of that is the result of society, but some of it is dictated purely by brain chemistry.

I suppose there are some gray areas, but overall, it's a big deal.
Well, actually to the first point - a gay guy wouldn't know if a relationship with a woman is the same just like a straight guy wouldn't know if a relationship with a guy is the same. For gay guys and straight guys, an opposite or same sex relationship is the last thing they'd want because they don't like that. So, in seeing how similar they are - you'd really need input from somebody in the middle who doesn't think either is disgusting and rather pleasurable. Basically the guy who doesn't wince about being intimate with either. So yes, a gay guy wouldn't see girls as pleasurable. A straight guy wouldn't see dudes as pleasurable. Or basically the exact same response. For the pleasurable side - you'd need to consult bisexuals, polysexuals, and pansexuals.

You're saying dictate by brain chemistry -- what exactly is dictated by brain chemistry? What traits?

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