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Default Re: Andrew Garfield wants Spider-Man to be Gay?

Originally Posted by Thundercrack85 View Post
Racism has no basis in biology.

These traits (i.e. mannerisms) aren't random. Obviously there are going to be degrees - not every straight woman is into flowers, and ponies, and not every straight men is into - whatever the stereotypical opposite is (football and beer?) But those traits aren't coincidental.

Though the disagreement now seems to be over whether or not women and men are fundamentally different, and how that relates to homosexuality.
If you see things in that way - no and it would be ridiculous to say people are born homophobic. How are you born to hate someone so specific like that? That makes no sense. People are born to fear what they don't understand though. That's been with us since the caveman probably and can clearly be seen throughout history for anyone different.

No. Because many straight guys have limp wrists, I've seen them. I've seen gay guys who are a heck of a lot more "straight" with mannerisms than a lot of the gay guys I know. So, if you were using mannerisms as being an indicator - lol - you'd be wrong about a heck of the straight guys I know. So if that is something that comes with a different brain - how come straight guys act that way too? Are part of the straight brains slightly more like gay guy brains than straight guys who don't act that way? And if that's the case - are some gay guys brains more like straight guys brains? If there weren't so many flamboyant limp wristed straight guys, okay - but since there are... I really don't know how brain comes into play.

And now I see you're claiming gay guys are women....

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