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Default Re: Andrew Garfield wants Spider-Man to be Gay?

Originally Posted by The Boy Scout View Post
Canon is changed all the time, but more often than not, there are things about the character (whether they be characteristics or people or locations) that have consistently stuck with that character for the majority of their existence. Those things are typically considered sacred (for lack of a better word) and shouldn't be changed without very good reason.

Is Spider-Man being heterosexual one of those things? Hmm...I suppose. I mean...his love interests have all been women. The love of his life is a woman. The character has been understood to be heterosexual for the majority of his existence. So...why change that? For what reason? To make a statement? Why can't they simply create a new character? Why does an already existing character have to be altered just to prove a point?

I'm not against change. I think change is good. Sometimes, it's necessary. But, honestly, it depends on the character and the change you're making to that character. It also, I think, depends on what you, as in individual, are comfortable with, and how much you care about the character in question. I mean, despite everything I just said, I wouldn't blink if the next Spider-Man was black. On the other hand, I would be upset if the next Superman wasn't an alien from Krypton.

I don't know...when it comes to things like this, I don't think there's one right or wrong answer. However, it should be said that intent should play a huge factor in the response these decisions receive.
I agree with most of this. I have no problem with homosexuality, I may not agree with it personally but I think everyone has a right to feel how they feel. That being said to me there are a few things that you just don't change about a main character: ethnicity, gender, and sexuality. I don't say this to be insensitive towards other people (I'm a black man who cringes at the idea of a black Johnny Storm). I just think you shouldn't change something established about a character unless it's for a good reason and it's to help the character grow. I don't agree with changing for the sake of appeasing one group of people. If they want a gay superhero make a new Spider-Man be gay not Peter Parker. They wanted an ethnic Spider-Man so they made Morales.
To me there would be no good reason to change Peter's sexuality and MJ's gender and ethnicity other than they believe it would appease a particular group of people.

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