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Default Re: Andrew Garfield wants Spider-Man to be Gay?

Originally Posted by The Infernal View Post
I got that part, it was just the use of the term logical and juxtaposing that with the context of a fictional setting. I read into that you may have thought that was illogical whereas I was trying to say you can't really apply the same rules. Though I could have misread into that.
Nah, I wasn't trying to imply any of that. Sorry for the confusion.

Well personally if they were to change it then I would argue that those traits be built upon. It need not betray the core of the character and could be another layer to the character.
That's actually a fair point, but I would argue that there are other ways that a writer could achieve (more or less) the same result in much less unnecessary and controversial ways.

Could be an option...
It should be an option, I think.

Though not knowing what future creators motivations could be I think it would be unfair to rule out an honest reason for them to just stick with changing Peter.
What do you mean?

Currently. I don't mean the change to a different character. I was actually referring to Ultimate Spider-man (Peter Parker) who wasn't exactly beholden to the 616 mythology either.
Oh, sorry about that. I thought you meant that because the current Ultimate Spider-Man is black, that was ample excuse to make major changes to his 616 counterpart. My mistake.

Anyway: I'm not saying that every little thing has to stay the same. I like change. Change is good. But there are some things that don't need to be (and perhaps even shouldn't be) changed.

Thank you.
No problem. I'm very glad we can have this conversation without resorting to personal attacks. You seem like an intelligent fellow and I'm enjoying this exchange of ideas.

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