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Default Re: Andrew Garfield wants Spider-Man to be Gay?

Originally Posted by Ultimatehero View Post
You're saying it's 'biological' to be homophobic. It's completely societal. Or if you want to look at something being born in people that would be fearing what one doesn't understand. In the age of the Greeks, all our greatest warriors were boinking each other. It's more of a "modern" thing for some guys to be afraid of two guys getting it on. Before the whole notion of sodomy - you had your Spartan warriors getting it on. It was about the manliest thing you could do before battle lol. So if something was to evolve biologically, I'd highly doubt it could happen that fast and for not a majority.

You're saying mannerisms is dictated by one's brains. And you are avoiding the fairly simple question about this. What does this say about straight guys who have those mannerisms? Are their brains so different too? I also looked at the reports - they say that the brains are similar, but nowhere in those reports do they state what is similar or what traits are similar. For all we know that difference could just be in who they like getting into bed with. And if it is mannerisms - as you are proposing - why do straight guys have limp wrists?
I wouldn't compare the homosexuality in Greek militaries to modern homosexuality for several reasons... But, let's not go into that. I would argue that homophobia is a mix of nature and nurture, hence why almost all cultures have it. There are a number of theories.

But moving on, to your second paragraph. Why do you think women behave the way they do, and men behave the way they do? Why do boys play with action figures, and girls with dolls? Now before you say I am stereotyping (and granted, I am oversimplifying, for the sake of expediency), there will of course be boys who want to play with dolls, and girls who want to play with action figures, but they will be a minority.

The point is, we got the gender roles we have today for a reason, biology. Now why are there limp-wristed straight men? I guess it could be for any number of reasons. Could be an estrogen imbalance, an evolutionary tactic (rather clever, that one), nurture... or a mix of all of the above.

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