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Default Re: Christopher Eccleston is playing Malekith

Originally Posted by Ash Talon View Post
Except Malekith wouldn't be trying to seduce Thor, like Enchantress would.

I'm not sure why people think Thor touring the Nine Realms would work. You need time to establish worlds and the characters and their motivations. Having Thor skip around from one realm to another would make each trip too brief and ultimately uninteresting. I'd rather have them concentrate on only a main bad guy and maybe some henchmen/supporting characters. Develop them and make them interesting.
I know, I know what everyone else is saying. And that I don't remember who it was that said this, but he said Thor will probably be touring the 9 worlds and meeting some of his classic villians.

Based on the title of the movie (dark "WORLD"...not worlds) and based on the fact that fiege said they were using a big new villain, not villains, leads me to believe there will be but one "Thor villain", primarily and one, maybe two other worlds.

I want enchantress and executioner, I really do...I want to see other worlds, but I am sort of opening my eyes now, that is just wishful thinking.

There is nothing said about this movie that could lead me to think we will see some of the other worlds, and other villains as well. It's been basically the opposite. Until I hear anything else, there will be two primary worlds in this movie. Asgard, and where ever the elves are from. With maybe some other brief appearances of other worlds showing up.

Edit: I do think Kurse will be a major villian as well. Which I am okay with that then

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