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Default Re: Odd or amusing things to wonder while watching Thor...

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
I'd bet there is a 1% probability of Loki going shirtless next time out. Thor & Skurge I would give about a 50% chance of shirtlessness. The movie is going to be overflowing with muscular men showing their bulging biceps and chests. Loki would be more than a little outclassed in that company.
I think Tom is gorgeous but I would agree, he, as he admits himself is "more of the beanpole variety" and not built like Chris "Brick ****house" Hemsworth. LOL So it seems rather unlikely for that reason. Although a scene where the shirt comes off to heal an injury or something and we, and maybe Thor also, sees some permanent scarring on his body as a result of his time with Thanos and the Chitauri, and being tortured, that could be a possible legitimate reason for showing Loki shirtlessness. It seems like some wounds heal quickly and others dont, like Odin's eye, or the fact it took so long for Loki's injuries at the end of Avengers to heal, and yet he heals very very quickly from bullet wounds earlier in the film. Any theories on all of that?

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