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Default Re: The Mark MILLAR Official Thread

Originally Posted by blueserenity View Post
why is it that X-Men are hated and feared but FF get their own damn tower and are considered celebs? Why is Spider-Man generally a well-liked individual by the folks of New York?
The XMEN are natural genetic mutations that could happen to anyone (you, your brother, your sister, your son, etc...) and people fear that they or someone they love could turn into somekind of monster...and thus hate the idea of mutation, and focus it on the XMEN. Many of the times that the XMEN make the news is when fighting other mutants or the they are percieved as troublemakers.

Well known and respected scientist Reed Richards did an experiment of flying a rocket into space without proper radiation protection that caused him and his friends to be changed into the FANTASTIC FOUR. The average person's chance of flying off into space on an under protected rocketship are next to zero. The FF first came to the public's attention by saving New York City from invasion. They are percieved as unlucky heroes.

Originally Posted by blueserenity View Post
I also don't think DOFP is the time or place for FF to appear beyond perhaps a nod (like a ruined FF tower in the future). They weren't around in the 60s so really the future is the only opportunity to hint at them.
Are you speaking of the FF from the comics or the movies? The FF of the comics were around in the 60's...and we do not know if the FF of the movies were around then or not yet.

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